Rust (game) – AutoHotKey Script – Click Middle Mouse to Run

In the video game, “Rust“, if you want to run you have to hold down both the SHIFT key and the W key at the same time. This has the unfortunate effect of causing hand cramps for certain people, so I whipped together this little AutoHotKey script so those people can simply hold down their middle mouse button to run:

To use this script, you will need to install AutoHotKey, then copy and paste the script into a text file. Save the text file on your Desktop as “rust_middle_mouse_run.ahk”, then double click on it to run it.

Alternatively, if that sounds like a lot of work, you can just download the compiled AutoHotKey script as an executable file, by clicking here (rust_middle_mouse_run.exe).

After launching the rust_middle_mouse_run script, you will have a green “H” icon in your system tray (where the script can be toggled on or off), and when you are playing Rust, your middle mouse button will now make you run!