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Who Is Thomas H. Chapin IV (4.0)?

Tom Chapin, Thomas Chapin, Tommy Chapin, “T4″… These are some of the names I am known by, although most of my friends just refer to me as Tom Chapin (my preferred moniker).

Iā€™m deeply interested in using tools such as AI to solve human longevity, and have been actively researching the topic for some time now.

If this topic interests you as well, please reach out to me!

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  • Hi Tom, thanks for your Reddit cakeday search site, I use it and refer fellow Redditors to it often. It’s sweet that you haven’t, but you should put a little ad on it to help cover your costs, you could get whole dollars a day maybe! My husband wrote, hosts, and supports a similarly helpful Instagram complimentary site and recently finally bit the bullet and added a couple of small ads and now gets a kick out of seeing his tiny little pile of money add up each day. šŸ™‚ Anyway, thanks again. Your site is a useful little gift to your fellow Redditors, like me.

  • Yeah I use your cakeday thing too. It’s neat and simple. Glad it’s a thing.

  • I read your review on Amazon about the cast iron skillet and that you were unhappy with its non-smooth cooking surface.
    I do not have any financial or personal interest in the this company but check out FINEX.com.
    I saw their cookware at a private party being catered and I actually followed the chef into the kitchen to find out about the skillet I saw in his hand. I was HUGELY impressed ~ so impressed that I later bought a 10′ skillet and lid for each of my grown children directly from the factory.
    The factory is in my city (Portand, OR) and so I visited and “took the tour” such as it was. They led me around the factory and I saw how they smooth out their pans with oiled ceramic beads in a machine that looks like a mini cement mixing truck. The handles are not heat resistant but take a while to heat up because of the clever in-the-extreme design. You just have to see this cookware.
    It is expensive but this r.e.a.l.l.y. is the kind that will be passed down through generations.
    My children, all excellent chefs (one professionally trained) LOVE this skillet and are making plans to buy themselves more of the pieces.
    Truly, you will not be disappointed.
    I hope this doesn’t seem weird to have written but it seemed that you are as particular as I am about these kind of things.

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