• Looks beautiful, Tommy! I’m glad you’re getting to break away from Sherman.

  • Cool pic’s did you take them?

    The one of the fountain, I was like WOW

  • Well tommy i hope you didnt get a grand prix, but the have cool walls i see! i guess you will be seeing me around christmas time, you need to tell me your plans for christmas? takeing a plane i suppose…unless i can find a car that gets wonderful gas mileage. chat with you later…and my fathers comp. is screwed up? answer back maybe you can help!

  • no the pictures were taken by my business partner, Chris Tingom. He has an awesome digital camera.

  • Hey Cody man. I’ve been thinking, and I might actually be flying to the Dallas area for Christmas. So you might want to come out here for something like new years instead. Yahoo travel has tickets for like $240 if you look carefully.

    What’s your dad’s computer doing?

  • Dude- cool office!

    Now for pics of your house…? 🙂

    Love YA!

  • Ah…yes…

    Thanks for sharing!

    Yes, we’d like to see your house, too!


  • hey well thats fine around new years but let me see what days i cant get off…are you going to your aunts then for christmas? i got to drive a 95′ cobra, with a 5.0 302…bad a**…standard and everything with a cable clutch! i will chat with you later but you need to get some pics off you appartment.

    oh ya my dads computer it crashed during a game…and it wont let here download anything off the internet? also it getting online webpages and stuff wont let her cause it knows its a copy…write back or e-amil me is fine


  • Whoops. too late.

  • I see……

  • Aw cody actually leaves you comments now that youre not in town. Well just stopping by to say those pictures are beautiful… do you know I was born in Phoenix AZ? Hope Sam and you had fun this weekend!

  • Wow, that’s crazy, Jacque. You’re a Phoenician.

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