Bowling Shoes = Higher Score

Bowling Shoes
Much to the amusement of many of the people I have bowled with, I can’t bowl in a straight line for the life of me. In an attempt to solve the problem I took up experimenting with throwing curve balls, and, after a lot of trial and error, eventually learned how to *occasionally* get the desired effect.

Now, I just want to take a moment to emphasize the fact that I’ve never been a good bowler, probably only bowling a couple of times a year (if that). Even with my best attempts, I have never really averaged more than around 115.

I *do* enjoy bowling, though, so I was pleasantly surprised when my Aunt Pam bought me a pair of bowling shoes as a gift. They are extremely comfortable (maybe even more so than my normal shoes), and fit me perfectly. Bowling shoes usually rent for $3-5, so bowling just got that much more affordable.

Since receiving the shoes, I have gone bowling a couple of times and have been amazed by what a difference they made. Each time I bowled, everything just seemed to click… Literally overnight, my average game went up over 20 points!

At any rate, last week I went bowling with my two buddies, Brian Shaler and John Murch, and I bowled a 201!! Now, I know that a lot of people out there bowl around 200 all the time, but for me that was a big deal (the highest I’ve ever bowled). I even got a print-out of the scores (upon Brian’s recommendation) as proof!

So, yeah. Go get yourself some bowling shoes! 🙂


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