True North (revision 14)

In the context of life guidance, “true north” is often used as a metaphor to represent one’s core values, beliefs, and principles that guide their decisions and actions. It is a personal compass that helps individuals stay on the right path and maintain their sense of purpose, even when faced with challenges or distractions.

My “true north” (as I currently understand things):

I believe that the purpose of humans (and the rest of the Universe) is to enjoy life, love, and connection with each other, for as long as we possibly can.

I want to still be alive with my family and every one of you, a hundred years or more from now. Who knows what is possible?

Extrapolating that, I believe every human who is looking for a purpose would be best served by throwing all of their spare energy into figuring out how to stay alive for as long as possible and how to solve cancer, strokes, Alzheimer’s, every known disease, etc. What more obvious goal is there then saving our loved ones, if we can? The difference is that now, maybe, just maybe it’s potentially a real possibility within the near future.

With the advancement of AI tools that can logically reason about concepts presented in text, it is increasingly likely that we will soon develop systems capable of modeling and simulating the entire human body. These systems would accurately represent the minutest physical, chemical, and electrical interactions between molecules, offering a comprehensive understanding of our complex biological processes.

I’m deeply interested in using tools such as AI to solve human longevity, and have been actively researching the topic for quite some time now. If this topic interests you as well, please reach out to me!

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Document Revisions:

Whenever I get new information about the world and how it works, this document and my “True North” definition is likely to change. I am acknowledging this up front to set expectations. I am a flawed individual, but I welcome constructive criticism and civil discussions/debates that help me refine my life goals and grow into a better person. Thanks!

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